Il Valpo

Valpolicella DOC

Fresh fruit notes with particular hints of cherry, completed with herbs and licorice.

Made with the freshest grapes from the vineyards, gathered in crates and left to dry for about fifteen days.
Pressing and fermentation at low temperatures make up the youthful and genuine character. Aging in stainless steel tanks for three months at a natural outside temperature, complete this wine.

50% Corvina
20% Corvinone
30% Rondinella

product size: 750 ml bottle 
alcohol: 12,5%
total acidity: 5,80 g/l

On the “Valpolicella” label, “Valpo” stands out, and it is by this name that the locals refer to this wine. Young, fresh and fruity, it’s in fact Valpo which is usually served on Verona’s dining tables, and it is a glass of Valpo which is consumed as an aperitif, at home or outside.

Il Rientro

Valpolicella Superiore DOC

An expression of unique freshness, the typical characteristics of appassimento (crate-drying), aromatic with hints of spice in the subtle sweetness with a long finish reminiscent of licorice that “il Rientro” (the Return) like only great wines do.

The grapes, selected after approximately thirty days of crate-drying, are placed in the wine-presses to ferment at 22/24 degrees. After malolactic fermentation is carried out, this wine is mixed in equal parts with fresh Valpolicella to create “il Rientro” (the Return) that will go on to age for at least 12 months in oak barrels. This refinement continues in the bottle, to complete this superior excellence.

50% Corvina
20% Corvinone
25% Rondinella
5% Oseleta – Croatina

product size: 750 ml bottle – 1.5 liter magnum
grado alcolico: 14%
acidità: 5,60 g/ll



Alberto Malesani has christened his Valpolicella Superiore “il Rientro” (the Return), a football term used in training and matches which ensures the whole team is tight and harmonious, and the production of this wine is no different, a result of harmonious team-work which can constantly surprise. In “il Rientro” (the Return) you can read “Rito (Rite)” because this wine is only achieved following a precise and timely ritual.


L’Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

With a complex, ethereal nose, exuding austerity and subtlety. With aromatic notes reminiscent of Marasca cherries (typical cherries from the Verona hills), blueberries and chocolate and with a finish of ripe fruit.

The characteristic sweetness of the tannins gives the Amarone a depth and long fruity finish which makes tasting this great wine an intense pleasure.

As per tradition, the grapes selected in the vineyard and dried in crates are vinified in December. After macerating at a natural, cold, winter temperature, they are kept warm, triggering the long fermentation, at a constant temperature of 24 ° C.
The next cycle of automatic pressing, which lasts at least 20 days, ensures the right balance between maceration and squeezing every last drop from the grapes. The fermentation ends in new barrels, in which the wine is left for at least 24 months. Bottle-aging completes the process.

50% Corvina
20% Corvinone
25% Rondinella
5% Oseleta-Croatina

product size: 750 ml bottle – 1.5 liter magnum
alcohol: 15.5%
total acidity: 5.70 g / l

From “Amarone” we can read the word “amare (love)” : which other feeling, in fact, could describe this wine, by those who produce it and by anyone who drinks it?


Il Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG

With a nose of triumphant spicy notes: cinnamon, nutmeg and even more marked, hints of cocoa, pepper and clove; then the fruit, with notes of fresh plum and black cherry. In the mouth it is velvety, smooth, and full-bodied with just the right level of tannins. Each note blended perfectly and sumptuously, complementing but never overwhelming.

The characteristic sweetness comes from a particular fermentation: removed from the skins, the wine is put in barrels at a natural winter temperature,which, wisely, slows down the fermenting process. The ancient art of pouring in the same casks, gives a balance as perfect as possible between alcohol and sugar.

Aging for at least 12 months, gives the Recioto a unique and determined character.

50% Corvina
20% Corvinone
25% Rondinella
5% Oseleta-Croatina

product size: 500 ml bottle
alcohol content: 13%
total acidity: 6.20 g / l


The prefix “Re”, which in Italian means “king”, at the beginning of the name “Recioto”, seeks to emphasize that this is the noblest of all wines, unique for its taste and richness of expression, which therefore requires much more attention in the production process and which is deliberately and consequently limited.


L’Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

Aristide was born from the best vintages and a careful selection of grapes that receive the most sunlight with a prevalence of Corvina Veronese. It starts maturing in the fruit cellar, thanks to natural currents, and then it takes shape during a long maceration and fermentation in truncated cone tanks. After ageing in new French barriques for 36 months, it rests for at least one year in the bottle. Being spicy, ethereal with a delicate persistence of black pepper and ripe fruit, make it a great wine to be savoured calmly, without haste.

70% Corvina
25% Corvinone
5% Rondinella

product format: bottle 750 ml
ABV: 17%
acidity: 5,60 g/l



“Aristide” is not a wine that is produced, but rather it is created by the talent of man and the majesty of Nature. It is a work of art, a word that in fact can be read within its name.

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