La Giuva

Is a young company.

Without a long history or tradition of wine production, nevertheless the company prides itself on the quality of the wine it produces.
The name “Giuva” is an acronym, combining “Giulia” with “Valentina” Malesani, the sisters who decided to embark upon this extraordinary venture. Their father Albert is also present in the company name in the Italian article “LA” of La Giuva, which represents his inverted initials AL.

The Idea

The Malesani don’t consider wine production a heritage, they see it as a passion.

Alberto, football manager of international renown, was born and raised in the Verona hills and the wine produced, in “his” hills, had always been close to his heart and in fond childhood memories.
Then in 1999, in Bordeaux for a Uefa cup match against the local team, the day before the game, he visited several wineries, tasting a delicious red wine with oysters, and was enchanted. So much so a dream was born, one which soon turned into a passion and a practical investment.

And the stage for this dream couldn’t be anywhere other than, right where he grew up, in Trezzolano.

The Team






The Choice of Production

La Giuva never considered producing wines that are not native to the area of Trezzolano, in the upper Squaranto valley.

Indeed, since the Malesani family is so attached to this land, one could say that this emotional bond blends with the desire to give continuity to the history of wine in this corner of Italy.

Part of a unique area, the upper Val Squaranto valley differs from the rest of the valley due to the shape of the land, with much more limestone and a hilly landscape of rising slopes that makes the whole process much more labor-intensive.

L’Esposizione Contraria

But before we consider the specifics of the area, we need to understand the way in which some of La Giuva’s vines are planted.

With courage and temerity, in fact, using a “Esposizione Contraria” (Reverse Aspect), which faces north and west. In this way, we ensure exceptional freshness and a persistence of aromas in the wines, even after their natural maturation in small oak barrels and bottle aging.
This novel approach also helps the land, respecting the nature and the best winemaking traditions of Verona, and producing wines of great elegance, finesse and structure that are perfectly balanced.

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