Created to optimise an ancient land, made up of autochthonous wines telling a new

‘At Giuva, we seek to remain true to what the land offers us. We strive to convey the true character of our grapes, in complete respect of the identity of wines grown up high in the hills, in each and every glass.’

La Giuva was founded by Alberto Malesani, world-famous football technician, in a bid to become a true point of reference for Valpolicella wine production.

In 2023, the Veronesi family inherited this unique project and with the desire to continue to pursue top quality in a new, unexplored area of Valpolicella,Val Squaranto.

The wine business La Giuva is situated atop the hills to the north of Verona, just a few miles from the Lessinia Park. The area falls within the Valpolicella designation of origin zone at an altitude of around 400 metres above sea level, where the hills hosted old vines in a context of biodiversity that can be seen in the combination of vines, olive trees, fruit trees, meadows and woodlands.

Here too, in fact, just like in most of the subalpine reliefs, both towards the summits and on the slopes of the hills, the territory is characterised by calcareous soils like white lime and red flake. The lime is very important because its calcium is very healthy for vines and regulates the biochemical processes: indeed, it is a key component in forming the fixed acidity of the wines, giving them great structure and minerality.

The production choice made by La Giuva today is focussed on autochthonous wines of the area of Trezzolano, in upper Val Squaranto.

A unique portion of land, upper Val Squaranto differs from the rest of the valley for the conformation of the soil, which is here considerably more calcareous, with steeper slopes and constant winds that foster the development of aromas and scents that give rise to highly expressive wines.

The 360° exposure of La Giuva vines gifts them with balance and freshness in both the warmer years and the colder ones alike. It also helps better divide up the harvest, which is carried out entirely by hand.

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